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The Millie Mae Foundation was founded by Millie's parents, Jayshree and John in an effort to raise awareness for neuroblastoma and other childhood cancers, raise funds to provide support to cancer fighters and their parents who are dealing with the tragedy that is pediatric cancer. 


 The Millie Mae Foundation is a place for support for families dealing with the heartbreaking diagnosis of neuroblastoma. We also welcome any families who are experiencing other childhood cancers, as well as those who wish to support these families in any way possible. 


The Millie Mae Foundation is committed to raising awareness, providing support, and raising funds for families affected by pediatric neuroblastoma and other childhood cancers. 


We are proud to be a part of a community that is dedicated to helping those who are dealing with the most heartbreaking situations- having your child diagnosed with and/or losing them to cancer. We have created this foundation to better serve those who are most in need, and to raise awareness on pediatric neuroblastoma. 

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Amelia's dad, John, is an active duty United States Marine currently stationed in Camp Pendleton California.  Mom, Jayshree, previously worked in the behavioral and mental health field. She is now the director of operations for the Watkins household including two more baby girls Ruby and Penelope.

Their oldest, Kaden, was born 10 weeks premature so Jayshree and John were not unfamiliar with pediatric floors of a hospital. When Amelia was born at 2 weeks early on July 11th 2016 she was considered full term and perfectly healthy. Her family did not know that a tumor was already growing in her body that would take her life only 10 months later. 


As the Watkins family moved from Virginia to California as part of John's military orders, Millie became ill. After 10 months of showing no signs of this tumor taking over her body, It was quickly discovered that she had high risk, advanced stage 4 neuroblastoma which resulted in a large tumor originating from her kidney. It was later discovered that she had tumor spots in her lymph nodes, on her spine, on her femur, jawbone, eye socket as well as both sides of her body in her bone marrow.

Amelia's doctors started treatment immediately, but her body didn't have time to allow the intense chemotherapy to do its job. Millie passed away in the arms of her parents only 8 days after her diagnosis on June 6th, 2017. 

John, Jayshree, and Kaden had to continue their journey to their new home in California without Millie, something they never thought in their wildest dreams would be their reality of learning how to continue with life without one of their children. Since Millie's passing, John and Jayshree welcomed two more beautiful daughters, continued to move with John's job changes and have started The Millie Mae Foundation to help other families with children who are facing the battle of pediatric cancer. 


Please consider joining our fight and donating today.

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